STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics we believe Steam learning is the way of the future as it provides the student with mutlidisplinary skills that can transfer to all types of career choices inside of tech, health, engineering, creative arts, leadership and workman and beyond.

Game design is SCIENCE as it puts you directly into the workflow of experimenting with code, animation, interactivity, and design strategy from all angles, constantly pushing you forward in a way that forces you come to your own conclusions on getting all the game pieces to work together a seamless operational way that not only communicates story but allows the gamer to interact and enjoy a new gaming experience.

Game design propels TECHNOLOGY through game designers and developers all around the world; of artists, software engineers, designers, writers and architects who are all working to make games great. The global demands of the game industry have fueled the development of game development engines like Unity that push the limits in design, creativity, code communication, and storytelling in an interactive environment.

Game Design is 
ENGINEERING at it's core with the concepts of science and technology paired with the methods and structures of how you organize, code, build, and deploy your game. Game Design is fitted for fueling engineering-oriented thought, in that it supports the idea of getting deep into the mechanics of a project and figuring out how piece A fits with piece B and creating natural interactions between them.

The engine in game design requires large amounts of sensible, logical, and creative MATH. The student will learn how to craft equasions that build Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create choices, situations, coding scenarios, and reasoning for their characters and environment.

The average annual game developer's salary

The average annual game developer's salary in the USA is

How Much is The Video Game Industry Worth?

About 140 billion and is projected at 180 billion by 2021

Professional Grade Video Game Development

More than 50% of all video games are developed in Unity.


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