About the Class

Join  Erin for a 3 Day Online workshop focused on STEM Learning while we work on a Rosie the Riveter Game.  We will be doing tons of 3D Animation and building game mechanics and visual scripting code that works together to create a gaming experience.  We will also spend time talking about the history of the real heroic Rosie's and the realities of WWll.  You will learn 3D Animation, Lighting, Visual Scripting and how to build tiny codes that work together.  

Workshop Requirements

Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only
Laptop should have at least 8gb of ram but you can get by with 4gb of ram if need be.
Laptop must have at least 30gb of hard drive free space
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.

STEM Video Game Design Rosie The Riveter Video Game Development Workshop
3 Days
Class Dates
August 6-8

What Your Student will learn in this Game Design Workshop

Learn Visual Scripting to Control Rosie the Riveter and Game Mechanics

We will be animating nonplayer characters (NPCs) such as the Riveter Robots to protest, walk, and communicate.

We will be coding Rosie the Riveter to walk, run, and fight her way through the factory.

Learn 3D Character and Environment Animation

We will be learning how to create compelling 3D Animation using assets to create movement for our characters and environment.

We will be animating the machines inside the factory to malfunction, explode, and break.

We will also be animating Rosie's co-workers at the factory to come to life along with the playable Rosie the Riveter herself who will walk, run, and react to situations via keyboard controls.

Our 3D Animation will also include animating the factory lights to flicker and turn on and off at certain moments of time within our scene.

Learn how to Stage a Large Crowd Scene

Being able to make a large scale crowd scene look great and how to make it feel alive and real is a skill. We are going to show you how to digitally film a large protest scene of robots.

How to create variable looking NPC Characters

We will show you tricks using visual scrpiting that allow you to create and duplicate characters with code that look different from one another.

We will be using Rosie the Riveter and creating a character that will be mirrored in our game to create many factory workers while the game is running.

3D Character Animation

We will be learning how to animate a fully rigged 3d character with moving eyes, hands, mouth and legs. We will be using these motions to express character emotions, movement, choices and interactivity.

Professional 3D Environment Lighting

Lighting a scene can make all the difference in making a game look professional or amateur. We will walk you through the professional lighting techniques that professional photographers and cinematographers use. These skills will translate to tell real world as well as in 3D space. 

3D Camera Animation

We will be learning how to creatively move and position our camera and properly pick the correct focal length for the emotion you are trying to achieve for the character and from the audience.

Coding and Gameplay Mechanics

We will be using code and visual scripting to control all the elements in our game including fight mechanics, settings, the factory's machine mechanics and character interactions.

Learn History of the Real Rosie's and Facts about WWll

During the online workshop we will be displaying on screen overlays of historic facts about the real Rosie's and the facts about the reality of WWll.

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