About the Class

Join us for a live online John Henry Video Game Design Workshop where we will be working with a 3D John Henry and learning professional coding, animation and lighting techniques as well as learning different methods on approaching project management, time management, and creative thinking.

Workshop Requirements

Must have laptop with at least 8gb of ram running Windows 10 64 bit 

Must have Unity Installed on your laptop and must be running 2018.4.f1 
(we'll send you a link to download it before the workshop starts)

STEM Skill Building John Henry Video Game Design Online Workshop
3 Days
Class Dates
August 20-22

What Your Student will learn in this Game Design Workshop

3D Animation in Cutscenes & Gameplay

We will be using Unity's Timeline and Mecanim system to animate characters, props, and environment in storytelling cutscenes and for actual interactive gameplay.

Use Visual Scripting to Control John Henry and Enemies

We will be using Visual Scripting to control John Henry's attack moves, powerups, and combat techniques, as well as using Visual Scripting to code the attacks of our enemies.

Texturing for Great Lighting

We will be going over tips and tricks on how to texture so that no matter what time of day or lighting that you use in your scene your textures will look stunning and fit the mood you're going for.

Learn how to develop fight sequences

We will teach you techniques on how to choreograph fight scenes and shoot staged combat scenes that feel real and add to the drama of the moment.

Coding for Game Control and UI Building

We will be using visual scripting to code our game mechanics and variables, and using math we will communicate things such as health and energy to the on screen UI.

Learn History about the Civil War and the Reconstruction Period of America

We will discuss the historic times of the reconstruction period in America as well as show and talk about the history, facts, and legends of American Folklore.

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