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Knowledge is Power

We've got an unusual set of skills in both video game design, AI and 3D animation paired with a lengthy background in creative business development that allows us to equip our students with the skills and know-how that they need in order to pursue their creative goals with excitement, efficiency and excellence. 

We love to talk about STEM and all the subjects surrounding how to teach it better and how to get students interacting in a way that fun, engaging, and memorable.  We believe that STEM is the way of the future; not only to improve and better our workforces, but to also allow people the freedom of mind and ability to learn what they need to be able to express all of their natural and skillful abilities in the arts of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICS.  

We'd love to discuss it with you. Please feel free to get in touch.

Erin & Elijah Hamilton

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