Mission Statement

Our vision is to create and foster an immersive learning environment and develop a movement of highly skilled creative people who think, act, and push towards their unlimited goals of creativity in the fields of science, technology, art, engineering, mathematics, and game design.  We believe that stories can teach, entertain, and create change, and give students the tools and skills they need to take game design and immersive storytelling to a professional level with hard work and dedication. 

About Mitten Pixels

We're Erin and Elijah Hamilton, a two-person game design and development team located in Howell, MI.  We are currently working on game design workshops and two video game titles The Oyster Hotel and The Tail of the Fox.

We met at an ad agency in Detroit in 2014 and married each other on the family farm in Howell, Michigan in 2016. We've worked as creative partners for a long time and have had very different experiences in working in the creative fields; Elijah in computer engineering, science, experimentation and Erin has a background in traditional and folk arts along with a heavy focus in both 2D and 3D design and animation.  We have collectively worked as graphic designers, movie poster designers, 3D and VFX Artists and Creative Directors.  We believe in hard work, pushing your creative limits and cultivating a learning lifestyle that allows you to achieve your creative goals, no matter how lofty.

This spring, we began our first round of workshops with a small group of students - it started out as a discussion that Erin had in one of the local facebook groups about possibly teaching video game development to a handful of local students and we were able to get a great meeting space at a local co-working office called Frontal Lobe in Howell, Michigan. We've done several more workshops since then, and each time the interest and geographic range of students has grown rapidly. In order to accomodate more long-distance students and to eliminate the time and effort that it takes for everyone to transport computer gear, we've adapted our video game development workshops into a live interactive online learning experience.

Past Clients

Fidelity Investments
Music Hall
Good Music
Detroit Tough
Bad Boy Records
Trajectory Films
Jade Hendrix

Past Projects

The Oyster Hotel Video Game
Black Superheroes Reimagined
NBA Knights Game of Thrones
Roaring Twenties
The Bridge
Van Hollins Circus
Twas The Night Before Christmas

Elijah's Bio

Elijah Hamilton is a versatile multidisciplinary artist, father, and husband who has worked with Good Music, Fidelity Investments, Music Hall Detroit. He is grand prize winner of Mofilm Whale Tale for 3D animation in commercial rewarded by Jon Landau of Titantic and Avatar. Is a 15 year veteran artist and expert in 3D animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Interaction and Game Development in Unity. He attended Columbia College Chicago before going on to create Black Superheroes and now is working on several video games The Oyster Hotel, Rosie The Riveter, John Henry, and The Tail of the Fox. Elijah was originally born in South Bend, IN.

Erin's Bio

Erin Hamilton has worked in the creative field as designer , art director, creative director and game designer and STEM educator.  Erin is creator of Gilmore Girls We Can DO IT poster series , The Listing Poster, and has brokered independent film deals for design and art from London to LA.  Erin is an expert 3D animator and mixed reality and augmented reality expert. Erin's knowledge extends from design to technical design based on texture and atmosphere.  Currently Erin is leading the creative direction and base coding and scientific exploration of the Rosie the Riveter Game. Erin was born and raised in Michigan.

Our Workshops & Creative Projects Have Been Featured in: